Insurance is required for all rental items where CLIENT is operating equipment on their own.  These insurances are NOT required where CROSSFIRE will set up & operate the equipment.  If you are not sure about insurance requirements for your order / event, please contact us at your earliest convenience for details @ 1.800.884.0653

This can be covered in the following manner:

1) Equipment Value:  $0 – $1500
– Credit Card on File w/Personal Guarantee

2) Equipment Value: $1500 – $5000
– Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card w/Personal Guarantee OR
– Certificate Of Insurance

3) Equipment Value: $5000+ or Vintage Items / Items No Longer Available
– Full Replacement Value in Cash or Credit Card OR
– Certificate Of Insurance

CREDIT CARD on FILE w/Personal Guarantee:
Your credit card details will be kept on file in the event of loss, damage, or late return.  A personal guarantee is also required, listing the client as personally responsible for all damages and outstanding balances

We will need the FULL Replacement Value of the equipment charged to a credit card, or a cash deposit.  After your rental has been returned, and all equipment tested and verified, the deposit will be released.


Insurance is required for rentals valued at over US$1000.00, in addition to a 100% deposit of your deductible or the FULL value of the equipment, whichever is less. Insurance is the responsibility of the Renter. Any damage or loss is at the expense of the Renter, barring mechanical failure caused by normal wear and tear. PRO AV RENTALS is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, inconvenience, or loss caused by product failure.


Proof of adequate insurance coverage may be requested at time of pickup.


CROSSFIRE SOUND PRODUCTIONS, LLC must be the name and address typed in as the certificate holder. We will not accept hand written insurance certificates.  CROSSFIRE SOUND PRODUCTIONS, LLC must be listed as the LOSS PAYEE. The insurance MUST state that it covers rental and leased equipment. The minimum coverage for this equipment must be at least $100,000.00. The insurance certificate must be both faxed or emailed and brought in at the time of rental checkout. We will still require a security deposit equal to the DEDUCTIBLE on our insurance policy or the FULL value of the equipment, whichever is less. FAX # 1.800.884.0653


If you do not wish to issue an insurance certificate, you may choose to take the HOUSE insurance in addition to any security deposits. The cost for choosing the house insurance can range between $1000 – $5000 deductible, or the full value of the equipment (whichever is less) – which are held as a reservation hold on your credit card, and removed upon safe return of the rental equipment. In addition, there is a $15 insurance processing fee, plus 15% of the rental – which are NOT refundable. You must complete the insurance form, which includes your state issued identification information and your personal guaranty. We must receive the completed HOUSE insurance certificate, before the rental can be checked out.